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His Side


We met at the birthday party of a mutual friend. She was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. I knew I was in trouble. We spent most of the night talking and while some thought my attentiveness was borderline harassment, Kerry saw fit to let me take her to a baseball game a few weeks later (let the record reflect the Red Sox crushed the Orioles). We've been together ever since.



Her Side


We met at a birthday party in DC. I’ve never met someone so pleasantly persistent in my entire life.  While I was taken with his sense of humor and sense of style (I mean c’mon a green leather jacket), this Baltimore gal left the party without leaving her number and assumed our paths would never cross again.  They did. Like, later that day. Did I mention I’ve never met someone so persistent in my entire life?  Several weeks later we found ourselves on our first official date at a baseball game where the big winners of the evening were the two of us. Click here for the unabridged version of the story, as told in The Baltimore Bride.


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